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A few months back I had a Chandelier Party, so to speak. It was kind of a chandelier switch-a-roo. I had purchased a new light fixture for my dining room. That fixture ended up being to small in scale for the the room, however I loved it. So I went on the hunt for a new one, so I could move that one to the kitchen. Any way, all that to say we moved a few around. The original brass chandelier from the dining room, I decided to move to my study, and try a DIY, painting it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I had seen this done on Pinterest, and thought I would give it a shot. Of course, I put my own little twist on it, so it would look the way I imagined. I knew I wanted it to still look like metal, just not shiny brass.

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Here is the before picture.

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I removed the bulbs as well as the little cardboard things that make it look like candlesticks. I plan to go on the hunt for some new cardboard candlesticks maybe some black ones. I painted one coat of Graphite here. You can see some spots were missed so I will go in with a second coat, in addition to painting the chain.

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Then a second coat of the graphite, it was very easy to paint. I painted it while it was hanging from the ceiling. I did need to keep spinning it around to see where I missed. I then added a very light coat of Paris Grey, a kind of dry brush. I dipped my brush, very lightly into the can and then wiped off all that I could, and even wiped it off on a paper plate, then very lightly brushed over the light fixture starting at the top and working down. I tried not to go over one spot more than once.

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Finally I will add a coat of glaze to give the piece a little luster. I covered the entire fixture with a coat of clear glaze, then went over a few areas with a mixture of, 3-parts clear glaze to 1-part silver glaze. This is the same mix of glaze from my living room walls. In my opinion wax isn’t a good idea here, because the fixture will get warm and the wax could soften.

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I have to say I am in love with the way the light fixture turned out. I am already thinking about, what else I can paint to look like metal, and hmmmmm…….I have an idea.

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