The Planning, Painting, and a White-washed floor for my Study

I have known for many months that I would be repainting and restyling my office. There was to much furniture in there, and it was too outdated to enjoy anymore. I just simply didn’t want to sit in there. I decided to go for a little different look, and paint the molding white, oh yes, I said white. So I picked and purchased the paint. I also started to gather some décor from around the house, that I thought would work well for the look I was going for, and I began to pick up a few things when I was out shopping, and also ordered a few things on line, as I do. Slowly it all seemed to come together. To be honest the sconces I ordered from Antique Farmhouse, were purchased to go in my office, but upon arrival, they were simply to ‘take your breath away gorgeous’ to be in a second floor office. So I rearranged the entire dining room to make room for them and give them a focal wall. Oh, back to the office.

Before we started, I made a list of all the things I wanted to surround myself with, in this space, after all, I would be spending a lot of time in there. It looked something like this.

Tammys Blog 034a

My very large antique chalkboard-already in the office for 15 years

A sentimental antique church pew

A French style desk

Tammys Blog 052a

Of course, a mirror

A clock

Lots of silver and gold accessories

Tammys Blog 058a

A pop of color

A white-washed floor

Absolutely some boxwood!

Tammys Blog 039a

An accent rug

Some sweet white curtains

Tammys Blog 032a

A repurposed chandelier from the DR-painted

A wider bookcase-or built in

A handmade garland

Tammys Blog 087a

These were some of  the things that would make me feel good, and  feel like I could spend hours in there. A place to inspire and be inspired. I was excited. This is defiantly my most anticipated and favorite makeover of the year.

I collected things for many months, then finally went to purchase the paint. I decided on Valspar from Lowes in Winter Calm for the walls and White Pepper for the ceiling, I picked up Pure White in Olympic paint for the molding. The church pew will be getting a pop of color from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Provence. A cupboard I have in the room already will get an update from burgundy, I may paint this piece white, we will see. The floor I plan to whitewash, then a coat or two of Satin Poly. I purchased the sweetest, white, smocked, semi-sheer, drapes, from Pottery Barn, that I am in love with.  I will bring the shag carpet up from the family room for now, and decide later to either purchase a new rug for the family room or the study, only time will tell. I like to see things come together over time, so one never really knows for sure.

Sorry to report I don’t have a before picture. My husband was good enough to get the primer on one Saturday morning at 6:30am, I wasn’t even out of bed yet, and it was done. Here you can see me working on the molding, usually I don’t tape. I told him, he didn’t need to be too careful when priming because I was painting the trim,’ he listened’. I had to tape because I couldn’t tell where the wall ended and the molding began.

You can see why I plan to white wash the floors in here, they are just a weird color, and some of the boards seem odd. I figured a wash of color would give the floor an even look.

Tammys Blog 100a

Tammys Blog 096a

Tammys Blog 101a

After sweeping, dusting, and mopping, it was time to white-wash. Here is the before.

Tammys Blog 001a

You can see the uneven color, not to mention the red and yellow tones. I didn’t want to sand, so here we go.

I mixed 3-parts water to 1-part Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White. so 1 cup paint to 3 cups water. This is a large amount and I will probably have some left over to white wash more baskets, yay. Usually I start with 1/4 cup paint. But since this was a floor I didn’t want to run out.

Tammys Blog 006a

Tammys Blog 013a

The floor will dry a little lighter, I will give it a second coat and allow it dry for a day, then give it 2-coats of Satin Poly.

The second coat, left the floor looking very beachy. There are natural, high and lows, I love the look. I could have stopped after the first coat as well, both are lovely, depending on what look you are going for. Its what ever looks good to you, that is the fun part, about being creative, you can do what ever you want. At this point, you could decide to sand back the color a little, or maybe even just here and there. But for me, I was looking to hide as much of the red in the room as possible. Poly is next.

Tammys Blog 001a

Tammys Blog 050a

The styling of the study is coming soon.

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