What to have on hand when the urge to decorate hits you!

So what things should I have on hand and ready if the urge to decorate hits me? Well that is a good question. You should really start to collect a few items in a few different categories, and both old and new. All mix well for endless arrangement ideas!

METAL-an old scale, old or new vintage fan, a three tier stand-there are many varieties of these-some wire, galvanized steel and even, wrought iron ones you add three plates to, and wire baskets. This antique, tin, tea set is a long time favorite of mine.


GREENERY-some sort of greenery in a few sizes and types, boxwood, magnolia, olive leaf, bay, cotton or even feathers


GLASS-glass jars in several types and sizes, ball jars both clear and the slightly green tinted version, old wine and milk bottles, oil lamps, bell jars, and for some sparkle Mercury glass.


This is a shelf in my armoire where I store my glass.


 CERAMIC AND OR CONCRETE-planters, statues, or orbs.

photo (11)

photo (12)

PAPER-old books, maps, prints, clip boards


WOOD-any old or new wood boxes, crates, or bowls, a lantern and trays

ARCHITECHTURE-pick as much of these pieces up as you can find, but one detailed piece would do! I continue to add to my bowl as I find things.


CANDLES- pillars-real wax and frameless, tapers, and votives

CANDLE HOLDERS- candle sticks, pillar holders, and of course a candelabra. Don’t always stick to the traditional, here is one I found over the holidays that is two feet tall and a little whimsical.


TEXTILES-a few table runners, table clothes, grain sacks, and of course some lovely throw pillows, and a throw.

photo (4)

LAMPS-don’t be afraid to move your lamps around. Lighting is very important in decorating, you will need more lamps than you think. Since lamps can be very pricy, I stick to Homegoods, Marshalls, and Tjmaxx when looking for them, but usually they find me.

MIRRORS-I mean really, can you have too many mirrors, I don’t think so! Not only are they beautiful but they can reflect light into a dark spot in a room. I love mirrors. Pick up several in different shapes and sizes, and a mix of old and new! This one is sitting on the floor at the moment while I decide where I want to use it next. Hmmmmm

photo (7)

Since tiny items seem to disappear or tend to look like clutter-those you can display in the jars or bowls or baskets, which will appear to be one item instead of several smaller ones. For example, I pick up antique skeleton keys when ever I find them and collect them in a ball jar. Old game pieces are fun to collect and very inexpensive, and would look lovely in a large jar displayed in a family or game room. This one holds a collection of pocket watches.


However an overstuffed room is a look some people really go for and love, with many small things tucked in all over, even tucked into bookcases. It just depends how you want your room to look and feel. There are no real rules, just buy what you love. Stick to purchasing things in neutral colors and glass. This is The best way to insure that if your taste changes, or your color scheme changes, all of your decorations will still work.

Once you start to collect it’s addicting. However, you will begin to have the things you need on hand so that when the urge hits you, you can go get what you need and get to work. Also, if you find yourself in a rut, try pulling several item from several rooms, collecting them all in one area, say your living room floor or dining room table, then put everything back, but in a different room and spot. Try using an item in a way you never did before. It won’t happen overnight. When you do set out and start to arrange things, keep a list of things you would like to look for,  that are missing from your collection. Most of all enjoy. Why do we spend so much time and money decorating are houses, to turn them into homes.

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