The Styling of my Study-Collected Over Time

 This was a long time coming, back in April of this year I shared a list of things that I had been collecting and putting aside to add to my study once it was finished. The list included an oversized antique chalkboard I had owned for 20 plus years, a sentimental church pew, a French style desk, of course a mirror, some silver and gold accessories, and some Boxwood. I have worked in this room on and off between other projects, with the last thing I did in here being my mirror wall you can read about in my last post. Here is how it all came together. After I white washed my floor, the first thing I did was add these sweet, semi-sheer, drapes from Pottery Barn, and I am in love.

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I brought this carpet up from the family room, I purchased it from Lowes a few years ago.

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This leaner mirror was in a house my son bought last summer, and he didn’t want it. He was sweet enough to pass it on to me, he knew I would love it, so it will always remind me of him. The desk I found at an antique store, last August. I love the open feel of it. We moved our roll top desk to another room.

A lot of the items I have in my study, I have collected over time. Pretty much that is a consistent theme throughout my home. I don’t like to make to many big decisions at one time.  The cupboard below was burgundy, its old, now painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, in Pure White, it looks fresh and new. Yes, I did it, I painted it white and I love it. The frozen perpetual calendar, I brought up from downstairs, it is a reminder to me, of the day of my Dads death. I haven’t been able to change in over three years, and I don’t plan on it any time soon. The cloth garland I made, look for the DIY, it was very simple, and done in an afternoon. The oversized mango wood bowl, I brought up from the living to hold tablets, notebooks and datebooks. The grey chair came from Homegoods.

I did purchase a few new items for the study. From Décor Steals I  purchased the clock and  Boxwood wreath, a shelf from Joss and Main. The olive bucket I carried up from the living room, its just so gorgeous, I wanted to grab a few pictures with the bright pink tulips, however this bucket moves around the house. The angel wing is one of two I have from Pottery Barn years ago.

This chalkboard I have owned for 20 years, and it has been in this study the whole time, but on a different wall. The pew, if you remember is sentimental to me, it came out of the chapel where I once worked, in a local hospital not far from where I live. This fresh, fun color gives it a modern look.

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I am on the hunt for a bookcase of some sort. Not exactly sure what I want yet, I have several ideas, all very different from each other. I am the type that likes to see things come together over time. I will make the decision when I see it, until then anything could happen.

My thoughts on this process are this, I am in love with this space. Even just passing by the doorway, I have to stop to look in. I do believe everyone should have a happy place to go to, one filled with all those things that make you happy, inspire you, and allow you to inspire. This space didn’t cost a lot of money, most things I already owned. I simply reused and repurposed them, and arranged them in a way that made them look modern, fresh and new. A coat of paint here and there, a DIY, a few decorations, and I have a place to go and create. I hope by sharing this you are inspired to go find a space to make your own.

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I do have one large wall completely empty, waiting for either a very large cupboard, with storage underneath and shelves on top, or something built-in. I haven’t found it or decided as of yet. So in the meantime I lean pictures, frames and mirrors that are not in use against the wall.

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