The Red Room Makeover part-1

A Diary of Sorts-Saturday 1-17-2015

2015 Pantone color of the year-Marsala a naturally robust and earthy wine red.

Yup, and that has been the color of my dining room for the last 17 years. I love red, it is one of my favorite colors. I think I talked a little about how I found the decorator in myself when I was a young girl and I was designing my bedroom closet, that my Dad would later build for me. Well, my color palette was red and white for that bedroom. Red just does it for me. For most of my adult life I have had red in my dining room of some sort and this case, this dining room has zbeen the most gorgeous shade of red, for about 17 years. But as women we do change our minds, and although I adore color, I have been leaning toward a more neutral color palette these days. I will still infuse some color into the room, you can be sure of that, but in a different way. Well you quessed it, this red room is getting a makeover. These red walls are out of here.





Sunday 1-18-2015

Now what color do I paint? I have already made a trip to Lowes to buy paint and I have to be honest and tell you I broke my own rule, which is always bring the paint chips into the room to pick the paint. I got a little over zealous and wanted to get the show on the road, and may have made the wrong choice. I am still deciding if I will use this gallon in the dining room or in the study  which will be getting updated next. My concern is that the color I chose may be to close in color to the ceiling paint. I plan to do a sample board to get a better look at it. The lighting in the stores is just never the same as your room, so it is always better to bring your chips home to avoid the stress of making a mistake.


Monday 1-19-2015

Well the sample board was a good idea and I adore the paint color. It will be close in color to the armoire that I painted with ASCP in French Linen and will have the neutral look I am going for. The dining room table will also get a facelift since it’s not in the budget to replace at this time, and I will also give the table and chairs, the chalk paint treatment.


This Saturday the painting will begin, in the meantime I have the lovely job of emptying the Armoire and the rest of the small things in the room to prepare for the big day.

Thanks for stopping by.

part-2 coming on Monday, February 9th.

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