The April Mantle Styling

The April Mantle Styling is a simple, neutral, display, that still makes a big statement. I love black and white, but don’t get to work with it very often, since I have no white walls in the house. I started with this large canvas from my daughters shop, then added some large mercury glass candle sticks, and flameless candles, to balance the size of the canvas, and a white detailed plate for some texture along with a silver pitcher filled with flowers. First pictured with faux tulips from Pottery Barn, then I added fresh tulips, three bunches for a pop of color, and finally some small accessories to fill in, for a full look. Either way, its beautiful and simple, but makes an impact. You can start out simple, and then continue to add layers and take then away until you achieve the look you love. I like to empty the mantle completely before I start.

Tammys Blog 022a

Tammys Blog 020a

Tammys Blog 045a

Then adding some fresh flowers….

Tammys Blog 112a

Tammys Blog 129a

Tammys Blog 147a

Tammys Blog 152a

Tammys Blog 131a

Then some small accessories……

Tammys Blog 032a

Tammys Blog 033a

Tammys Blog 048a

Tammys Blog 047a

Tammys Blog 067a

Hope this inspires you to empty your mantle or any table top, and start from scratch.

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