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I thought I would share this simple way to add a little whimsy to your space. Here in my newly painted study, I am trying to add in things that make me happy. I love traditional, but I adore adding a little whimsy in, to make it special. Below I dug out an old bolt of fabric, that I had on hand, but you could go purchase what ever you need at any fabric store. I decided on the length, I wanted each piece to be and doubled it. Once you tie them on they will be half the length. I cut several pieces of fabric that length, then cut the strips from the smaller pieces of fabric. I didn’t want to be working from the big bolt. I cut them all about the same width. I was lucky enough to have a fabric that had a small pattern on it, which made it easy to see where I needed to cut without measuring. I used the little dots, and cut every third one, which was about 1 inch thick. However, no need for perfection here. I then pulled a very large piece of twine off of  a spool, probably three times the width I needed, and double it, tying off each end. To much twine is not an issue, you can always cut it away later. I started tying on the strips of fabric on to the twine, but in a certain way, so they laid nicely. Below are some pictures to show the process.

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Here I laid the strip under the twine…

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Then pulled the two tails up and through the loop…..

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Then pulled it tight…..

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and pushed it over tightly to the rest.

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I continued this process until I reached the desired length. I made a large garland about 50 inches long and 2 smaller garlands.

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I hope this inspires you to try a garland, there are many different kinds you can make, and many different materials could be used, cloth, felt, scrapbook paper, tassels, brown paper bags, and dollies, just to name a few. Try hanging one over a mirror, a window, a chalk board, maybe even on across your kitchen hutch. But add a little happy to your space.

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