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One of the reasons people love chalk paint so much, is that you can literally do a project start to finish in a day, and be styling the piece and have it in place the same day. No need to sand, and no need to prime. That said, in my book, there are a few times I would opt to prime first. In this case, I have a piece that is painted dark burgundy. Lets be real here, chalk paint is worth every penny, but it is not cheap. So in order to save myself, maybe three or four coats to cover the dark burgundy with white, I decided to prime first with a white primer. Another reason would be if you are painting something that is a manufactured piece of furniture and has been sprayed with a sort of paint/plastic. If you have a very slick surface, do a test patch, and wipe and clean it for awhile to see how it holds up. I have a kitchen Island getting a makeover soonr, that I will also prime. On the other hand, I would never, prime a piece that still had its wood finish. In this case, I would paint, and then sand away here and there to expose some of the wood. This is by far my favorite look.

Here is the cupboard as it has been for the last fifteen or so years.

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It sits in my study and is used to hold office supplies.

One coat of primer.

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The second coat of paint,

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and then waxed and in place.

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Here you can see the shelf I added. I am waiting for a canvas I ordered to come, and will add it soon.


I didn’t have to prime, and I didn’t prime to get the paint to stick, I simply didn’t want to waste money on unnecessary coats of my chalk paint. It turned out exactly how I wanted it. Hope this was helpful and inspires someone to pick up the brush and paint something.

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