The May Mantle Styling

For May I decided to add back my favorite mirror one more time before I set up the Summer Mantle. I thought I would share two different ideas here. One for the mantle and then using the same items, but with a few tweaks, I would arrange them on my piano, simply to show how I love to move things around, and use them and then reuse them. Multiple uses could be my middle name. Here is my May Mantle Styling.

Tammys Blog 166a

Tammys Blog 167a

Tammys Blog 176a

Tammys Blog 123a

Tammys Blog 146a

Tammys Blog 079a

Then using the same pitchers I set up a table top display on my piano.

Tammys Blog 018a

Tammys Blog 029a

Tammys Blog 032a

Tammys Blog 038b

Tammys Blog 041a

I love to move things around, really, its therapy for me. I work best when no one is around, for some reason I am much more creative when I am alone. I do adore white pitchers and have been slowly collecting them, and I thought this was a good time to feature them. You fill them all with flowers, greenery, feathers or even sticks, maybe some long palm leaves, or branches from your yard, there are so many blossoms right now, that’s if you would like to add some color. Hope this inspires you to rearrange something.

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