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Through out the months of decorating, shopping, antiquing, and picking up a few new things here and there, things change. I had a small table that sat on my landing, half way up the living room staircase for many, many years. It served its purpose quite well, to hold a lamp to light the way. At some point, some of the fine detail work on the one side was broken, no one ever owned it! But in my book it was no biggy, it was just another opportunity to redecorate. I had two matching small bookcases that I had painted burgundy back in the day, so I transformed them with some black latex paint, and voila, like new again. And there they sat for the next few years. Until………I stopped in to one of my favorite thrift stores one day, and discovered four prints of Paris buildings in a neutral color, [neutral being being my new love}.  I instantly knew I would use these prints over my piano, and couldn’t wait to hang them. Once I did I was very pleased and loved the feeling the room took on. However, I soon noticed while sitting in my favorite spot, that as I looked over at the piano I was distracted by the bookcases on the landing. It was simply to much clutter. They seemed to be sitting right next to each other.


Well, this just wouldn’t do, so I was back at it again, on the hunt for THE FIND, a small detailed table, just the right size to hold a lamp. These things take time……….finally after almost a year, I found it. This small sweet table will be getting a chalk paint makeover. But otherwise it is perfect, and I love the details, which will really pop once painted, and will serve the purpose of holding the lamp.




Well it’s time to start the process, which I so love. Ahhhhhh, that moment when you first touch the brush to the piece, and see what the piece was meant to be. Once dirty and dusty and sitting in a warehouse full of cast aways, now takes on a whole new look, as you literally stroke the piece with your brush giving it a whole new life! A rescue, so to speak.


With Annie Slone Chalk Paint, there is no need to sand, just start painting. I read a tip once that I love and stick to, in order to preserve the integrity of the paint,  don’t dip your brush directly into the can, pour the paint into another container. I use a small metal mixing bowl, but you can find a small container at your local hardware store. If you are working on a large project like kitchen cabinets and will going through your paint quickly then just go for it, and dip right into the can.  I used two coats, then I gave it one coat of clear wax, sanded here and there where I wanted some distressing and then another coat of clear wax to protect the wood I exposed.


Here you can see the slight variation in color as I applied the clear wax. It doesn’t really change the color it just intensifies it, and serves to protect the finish.


Now it’s time for the dark wax,  I have my Dark wax brush and can labeled with a D, you never want to use the same brush for clear and dark wax. I like to mix, 5 parts clear wax to one part dark wax, to get a subtle but still dark antiquing medium. You can use it right out of the can, or use what even combination you prefer. This would be a good time to try a sample board, so you don’t add to much. I mix mine on a paper plate, and use a teaspoon to measure. However, keep in mind if you get to much dark wax on, you can take it back a bit, by dipping into to clear wax to rub it down a little, just be sure to use a different brush.

The result is your details stand out even more. I then went over the whole piece again with very little clear wax smoothing out any smears of the dark wax along the way. After about two hours or so with a clean lint free rag I buffed the piece in the direction of the grain to give it a smooth finish. It turned out beautiful and is sitting in its place curing. I will add a few touches and that will be it, until something changes. 😉

photo (220)

photo (219)

The final result, because of the light color of this table, it does not compete with the detailed wall above the piano. Its has a much softer look. I love it.

photo (247)

Think about giving chalk paint a try, there many brands out there, and even some do it yourself recipes. See what old piece you can bring back to life.

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