Painting the Kitchen Cabinets-ASCP Reveal

This old house could use a thirty thousand dollar kitchen make over, but since that isn’t happening, I guess I will have to paint. Don’t you just feel sometimes, like paint can fix anything. If you are a lover of an old house like I am, you will understand, that every old house is a work in progress. You are never really done. So lets Talk, when it comes to decorating I am pretty traditional, however I like to keep things up to date, so I try to keep up with the trends, so to speak. My house is rather large, and so it seems that by the time I think I’m done, we are starting over. And so the story has gone for twenty years now. We have painted the LR three times, the DR three times, but two times were the same color. The kitchen twice, and the last time was just a few months ago, but in the meantime I decided to give my kitchen cabinets and update, and because of that, who knows those kitchen walls may have to change. We will see. I recently gave a 1980’s yellow pine hutch, a facelift with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and I am in love with this piece. So………..I decided the kitchen cabinets needed to be updated as well. If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember a swatch test I posted of a few colors. Well, after a lot of thinking and even a test cabinet in Paris Grey, I am going to paint them white. I am desperate to add some brightness to this kitchen, the darkest room in the house. At one time I would have said I preferred a country kitchen, but over the years my taste has changed, that is how it goes. I once wanted country in the house and now I prefer a house in the country, as far as style goes. what I mean by that is that I like a more sophisticated version of what I once liked. So all that to say my whole house had slowly changed as my style changed, except for the country kitchen. This room seemed to be stuck, like a bad hair do, in a time warp, totally disconnected and just to much going on. The shelves above the stove looked cluttered. I once had a red dining room and a yellow kitchen, and now my eye is drawn to cool shades, so everything above the stove had to go. The cook books were moved into the pantry, the rest went to the basement, or should I say the décor graveyard.

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Here is a picture of a test cabinet in Paris Grey, it was pretty, but everything in the room just seemed the same. The hutch was paris grey, the walls and ceiling are light grey, so white it was, remember when I hated white. Well I was in the middle of changing the whole house molding from cream to white, and funny thing, I was falling in love with it. So white it is.

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I once thought this was lovely. It is surprising how our taste changes. And well everything on the top shelf is old news, too many warm colors. Sorry for the bad photography.

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Those kitchen walls just got a lighter coat of gray, God bless my husband and his willingness to help me out, even when he just did the same job a few months back.  I will also change the backsplash color to white, but I will use a Latex paint for this, simply for durability sake. Just the idea of all that white, sounds so fresh to me. I have decided to add a little black into the mix. I have a set of dishes from Pottery Barn in white and several pieces of black pottery from The Longaberger Company. I also have black here and there throughout my home. I really do feel like it grounds everything, and adds a richness to a space. So, even though I am slowly lightening things up, I won’t, I mean, I can’t give up on black.

I have been scouring antique shops and vintage stores, for white pieces, pottery, enamel ware, anything really. Also I have been collecting some pieces from Pottery Barn of a pattern I adore, Gabriella. They are listed as white, but have just a hint of gray, and I do mean a hint. And of course, every chance I get to pick up a few things from Homegoods, well you know, I do it. I have also been picking up clear glass and silver plate, and a few touches of blue. Still trying to keep things clean and fresh looking, and by only using a few colors, everything seems to flow a little better. Especially in a room like a kitchen, where you have and store so many things.

I can’t believe I’m sharing this, but here it is, a few before shots of the kitchen 😐

Everything looks so disconnected to me now. Again sorry for this bad photography.

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I realized all of the before pictures I took are only of the upper cabinets, oh brother.

When painting your kitchen cabinets with Chalk Paint, don’t be in a hurry, and only paint small sections at a time. I realized, I will still be using my kitchen while I am painting it, and since chalk paint isn’t really protected until you add your finish coat, working in small sections will not only keep the mess down, but allow me to finish all of the steps in one section at a time. Then I will move on to the next cabinet, and repeat. This kitchen was a challenge to photograph because of the bad natural light and the tight space.

Well here it is, 2 months of work, all worth it.

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How lucky can a girl get, right in the middle of painting and updating my old refrigerator broke, I was over the moon about that.

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We considered getting rid of this antique sink for about a second. They are around $5000-$8000 yes, thousands of dollars to replace. I decided to upgrade the faucet instead, and even that for reproduction was $1000. I am happy with my sink even with the couple of dings it has. I prefer to keep as much of the house as I can as original as possible.

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Just to remind you, I did paint my kitchen hutch in Paris Grey.

In this picture you can see on the door frame the difference between what I thought was cream molding and now the white, WOWZERS, what a difference. I need to paint that.

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I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, in Pure White, and then two coats of General Finishes High Performance Water Based Topcoat. A light sanding after the first coat. In addition, all the molding was painted with the same, Ultra white color I have been painting throughout the house from Lowes.

To purchase the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, paint that I purchased from,  Fresh Vintage by Amy in Strasburg, PA you can also stop by her online shop to order.


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the blue pedestal-The Arrows Nest

 2-tieded tray-The Arrows Nest

 wooden tray standing-The Arrows Nest

Metal cloche-The Arrows Nest

white pitcher-Pottery Barn

small mirror-antique farmhouse

wire baskets-Painted Fox

cutting boards-Homegoods


white crock-Pottery Barn

stacking spices-Pottery Barn

Dishes-Pottery Barn

print-Dear Lillie

chandelier-Magnolia Market


  1. I think our tasted do change over time and now we are under the influence of an ever increasing array of styles and examples of varying style from the Internet and television. I think what was once called a “country kitchen” is now “farmhouse”. Your update looks great and I bet it feels clean and purposeful. You original sink is Amazing and the dings give it character you just can’t buy. When I re-did my kitchen I kept the original sink for the pantry and those horizontal “vents” in the faux fronts I couldn’t see any point for so I filled them in with a ton of putty, sanded smooth and painted. You’d never know they were there.

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