Adding Fresh Flowers to Your Home

One of the easiest ways to add color and life into a room, is to purchase fresh flowers. Fresh cut flowers just have a way about them, they make you smile and feel good inside. They add so much richness to a room. Some have a beautiful scent.

One important trick I learned is to buy enough of the same thing. Its tempting when you go to grab a few different kinds. On occasion that’s ok, but I have found buying several bunches of the same flower, is the best way to achieve that rich look we all want in our homes. I do try to change up the color, however, I do find myself drawn to the same colors over and over again. The nice thing about having a neutral color on your walls, is any color will do, and at the end of a week, your commitment is over, and you can go pick another.

As far as how to display them, again, there are so many ideas. The obvious vases of all shapes and sizes, however, as you can see I like to be creative and use some different things, like the watering can, a tray, and even a basket. Just be sure to use a smaller container for water. Inside the giant olive bucket is a ball jar filled with water.

Here are just a few pictures I captured over the last few months.

Tammys Blog 058a

Tammys Blog 058a

photo (220)

rammys blog 9a

Tammys Blog 048a

Tammys Blog 110a

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Tammys Blog 120a

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Tammys Blog 011a

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Have fun as you add some flowers all over your home. You could stop by the florist or just the grocery store. I checked out several grocery stores, until I found the one that stocked the best flowers with the biggest selection. I try to use my flowers in different rooms and in different containers. Recently I even added some to a vintage metal pitcher and set them on the porch.

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