Some of you are probably thinking…..wait, what did she say? Yes, you got it, there is in fact an art or better way to burn your candle. Now I’m talking the jar candles here. For instance with a Yankee Candle, you need to burn the candle until the wax is completely liquid all the way around or touching all sides of the jar, like a little wax pool. The first burn time will be the longest. Depending on the size of the jar, the wick size and, or number of wicks, and any draft that may be in the room, the time could vary. For the large jar that is about four hours of straight burning time, at my house. If you extinguish the candle before you have the full wax pool, the candle will burn down through the middle and be burned out in no time. For the price we are paying for these candles, we need to be sure we are getting the most hours of burn time possible.  Which for a Yankee Candle is about 150 hours, so at 5 hours everyday, one candle would last a month. I use the lid of my jar candle, to snuff it out, just pop the lid on and the absence of oxygen will extinguish the flame. Also, a little trim of the wick before the next time you light the candle will keep the flame low, also don’t allow the trimmings to fall into the wax it could start a little fire. Safety first. This method would apply for most brands of jar candles. Remember to never leave your candle unattended. Lol

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There is nothing like  the flicker of a candle to set mood or feeling of a room. I love to burn candles, and as I told you above, Yankee Candles are one of my favorite to burn. However, I do have to say, I have fallen in love with flameless candles over the past few years. And just like jar candles, they are not all created equally. After some trial and error, I have found the Candle Impressions brand, to be the exceptional brand on the market. You can purchase these candles at , Amazon, QVC, Bed Bath and Beyond, and at Pottery Barn. If you sign up for Pottery Barn email, you will receive an email for 20% off on a regular basis, and could pick one up every now and then, to build some stock. Yes, that is what I did. The ones I purchase come with a timer, and I like to set them for 5 hrs. When purchasing these candles or any other brand, I find it most helpful to keep a close eye on what size battery they take. Be sure not to buy the ones that use expensive or hard to find, watch batteries, these are not worth it in the end. Try to stick to those that take the standard, AAA, AA, C, or D size batteries. Easy to find, and inexpensive. We use generic and I change them out just three times a year. These flameless candles look lovely in the home and flicker just like a real candle.

These candles are so lovely for decorations and are nice to set out in places where a little light is helpful. I like to have one come on in my bedroom around midnight and it stays on until about 5 am in the morning. It is also nice to have one in a hallway or bathroom at night, and would be a wise choice to use a few in an elderly persons home to light the way at night. No worries with pets knocking them over, or little ones getting burned. So, the sky is the limit with these, the more the merrier.

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When it comes to decorating with candles, I like to have a nice balance of candles running throughout my rooms here and there. I try to stick to the same brand, for the most part. Have fun using them in the typical manner, on candlesticks, but try something new and different, and be creative.

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And on and on it goes, the ways to use these candles is endless.

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