Christmas in July-the prep work begins

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Well, how do I explain, I simply adore, and plan all year, for my Christmas decorating. I mean I love, love, love, Christmas, Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping, Christmas baking, Christmas presents, Christmas music, Christmas time. hmmmmm……….. simply put, I love everything about Christmas. I am the kind of girl who plans all year, starts very, very, early, just early enough to make a few people crazy. [hey, I worked in retail for years, now that was a great job, I was a buyer, oh yeah!!!] So yes, as early in November as I can, I start. Usually I take a few days off from work, just to start this process. It takes me an entire day just to decorate my staircase, three extra thick garlands, then pic by pic, every last item, is added, piece by piece. Then, table top to table top, I move around the room, and lets not forget the mantle. Our live tree, we don’t get until the first weekend after Thanksgiving, and that usually takes two or three days to decorate, many hundreds of lights, and too many ornaments to even begin to know. And, I love every minute of seeing my home come to life, and fill up.

However, I am also that girl who, despite my love for Christmas, and all things Christmas, when it is over, it is over for me. My motto: Christmas is at the end of the year, not the beginning, so every thing must go by New Years Day. Gone, so I can start planning for next year.

All that said, now is a good time to start thinking about what you might need to start picking up. Not only because the stores are having Christmas in July sales, but there might be things that you need for your decorating that are not necessarily Christmas, those are the things you can and should start to pick up now, so its not so much at one time.

After I go out shopping the day after Christmas, I make a list in my next years calendar, of the things I bought, and what I need to add, for any new ideas I have. I also jot down those new ideas. I like to continue to use most of what I have already collected over the years, and add a few new things every year to keep it fresh and up to date. I keep notes in my planner, in the month of November, as to when I want to start a project, and or what needs to be done by a certain date. I refer to it now and then, and add to it throughout the year. I even plan what I want to purchase, and start picking up those items as early as I can.

Some things you might consider getting a head start on, that are not specific to Christmas but are Christmas worthy are…

Boxwood-wreaths and topiaries, all shapes and sizes

Flameless Candles

Taper Candles

 Wired Ribbons


Mirrors for table tops

 Table cloths, Napkins ,and Napkin Rings

Large pieces of Serve ware


Tiered Trays

Large Urns

Mercury Glass

Craft Supplies

Flower picks

Keep in mind to check out stores like, the Hallmark Gold Crown Stores and the Big Department Stores, for a jump start on sales, and to see what will be trending. Also many on-line shops will have Christmas items available now, check them out. Now is a really good time to pick up wrapping paper and boxed cards, there are great sales on these items in July.

Scan Pinterest for some DIY  ideas, and start collecting the supplies you will need. I have two projects planned and I have been gathering supplies all year.

Check Flea Markets, Antique Stores, and Yard Sales, for items you can add to your front porch and or yard, like, an old sleigh, ice skates, or some old crates you can fill with pine.

Just keep Christmas in the back of your mind for now, its creeping up and before you even know it, people will be saying, ‘100 days till Christmas’, and then the panic sets in. Start early, so you can soak up every moment of, “this most wonderful time of the year.”

Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy summer.

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  1. I wonder how you store all of your Christmas? We have 9 trees, and several “themes” for each. Storing all of this has just taken over every closet and nook and cranny. There are bins, wreaths, trees everywhere.

    • Hey Tim,
      I mostly use bins for Christmas, I believe they are 50 gallon, but I am not sure, they are about 45 inches long I would guess. I do have about 15 or 20, way to many. I hope to go through my things a little more this year and get rid of some things. I have an area in the basement where we have 6 pallets set up in a rectangle shape. all of the bins get stacked on top of each other 2 or 3 high, there is always a little overflow, because of new things I buy after the holiday is over. I lay my oversized wreaths on top of the bins and cover them with either a tarp or a garbage bag. All of my bins are marked with permanent markers, Mantle, Stairs, Living Room, Kitchen, Porch, etc. Hope this helps. I will probably blog about it. Hope this helps.


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