#ahouseinbloom-and what that means to me.

Many years ago I had a small antique business and it was called, “A House in Bloom”  This mindset, defiantly sums up my decorating system. Not that I have a litteral system, but I do try to make certain specific choices with the idea of changing my mind down the road. Because I will, for sure, and it might not be to far down the road. I love to putz around, moving things from here to there, room to room, etc. An example: last week I purchased a galvanized steel ice bucket from Pottery Barn, I mean it is one of the cutest little things, and yes, I will use it for ice occasionally, but truthfully, my first thought when I laid eyes on it was to drop in a potted plant for my kitchen counter. One item at least two uses. More than one use, that is my goal for most items. Here are two ways I used it, one for the potted plant, one for ice.

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I could easily roll up napkins and bring them to table in this bucket, or even serve food in it, and how perfect to use for food at a picnic, since it has a lid.

With that in mind,  when I am shopping, refer back to my “Perpetual Shopping List” here, I prefer for most items to have more than one possible use. So to me “A House in Bloom” is a house that is constantly changing! A flower changes daily, and I like to make small tweeks here and there daily, sometimes just for fun, sometimes because I am adding something new to the mix that I drug up from the basement or maybe from another room, or maybe I purchased something new. For me, bringing home one new thing, could mean we need to move the furniture, and I defiantly need to clean. A girlfriend recently asked me, ‘How do you keep everything so clean, really, its pretty simple, just keep dusting, dusting, dusting! But I’ll be honest here, it isn’t often I go out shopping and only bring home one thing! We live an hour from any shopping, so when I go, I go big!

There are the obvious things that can be reused and repurposed, like Apothocary Jars-one of my favorite. But many more items work just as well: pitchers, wooden boxes and crates, bowls, trays, and buckets and baskets. I stick to pretty basic things, and though I don’t have a collection of any one thing, I do like to add in a few figurine type items, like, a bust, or some small bird figurines for some whimsy! These type items add some character to the home. I do love a bit of cutsie!

Here is an example of my May Mantle Styling, later I added fresh tulips to the mix, then took the pitcher of tulips and showed several other ways I could display. Of course normally I wouldn’t do them all in the same day. I simply wanted to show how with a simple white pitcher you could move it around the house and display it in different ways.

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Tammys Blog 079a

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If you can relate to what I am saying here, and have a house full of pretty basic, similar items, try pulling nearly everything as far as decorations out of a few rooms, lay it all on your living room floor, now put it all back, but in a different way! Fun times. Take some before and after pictures, and try several options, before settling. Then the next day maybe make some more tweeks. If you love it, your done, or maybe you realize your missing something. So make a list, and get out the door shopping. But remember, don’t be constrained by the list, you may see some “take your breath away piece” and have to take it home and start all over, and that’s okay! Oh, how I love to decorate!!!

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