The Details-four LLLL’s that bring a room to Life!

What is it that makes the difference, that makes a room pop, and come alive. Here are a few of the tricks I’ve learned over the years. Remember though, I am still learning as well, so there might be more than I mention here. These are just a few that I have found to work for me. Try to remember the four  LLLL’s

One tip, is to purchase a few items that are on the LARGE size, no matter your room size. Even a rather small room looks much more sophisticated if it has something oversized in it. Lots of little things can look like clutter. I try to add a few larger items to my rooms. If I do have smaller items, I try to display them as collections, instead of spread out all over the room, I love to corral them in a tray, and, or display them all in one area. A recent large item I added to my dining room table was an old toolbox that I painted black.

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LAYERS That’s right, nothing says sophistication more than, layers and layers of things. I like to add layers in many different ways. When I am arranging a table top or mantle for example, depending on the look I am going for, sometimes I add in items of varying heights, and I stagger them, some more forward on the surface and some farther back. Another look is to line similar items up right in a row, still adding in a few smaller items for interest, once I have the desired look, I like to add in some texture. Here is an example of this. All white pitchers, I first added the large ones, then the smaller ones a little more forward on the piano, then the books for a pop of color and some dried greens and faux tulips. Also these pictures below are a wall that I layered with four matching prints and four matching plaques down the middle. I hung them this way for some interest, then added the Boxwood wreath for another layer.

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Here are some examples of items of different heights, and different textures, staggered. The mantle may be one of the easiest spots to add layers, especially is your mantle is as deep as mine is.

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In addition to wall and table top layering, remember to add layers of curtains, carpets, pillows and throws. All of these things make the room feel cozy.

Something LIVE, it could be fresh flowers, preserved Boxwood, and or Lavender. Either way you will bring your rooms to life and add color by adding some kind of flowers to your tabletops. The nice thing about fresh flowers is you can change your mind every week.

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And lastly, LIGHTING,  I think this is the most forgotten step in decorating. The truth is, I don’t think you can have to many lights. When ever I can I add a ceiling fixture, but then I also try to add as many lamps to the room as I can. Some in pairs and some singles. No need for then all to match. You could have a pair of mercury glass lamps and then an oversized wooden lamp and a metal floor lamp, all in the same room. The more light you add to your room the more ambience you add. I have to admit, I do not have enough lamps. I am on the hunt now, to add more lighting in several of my rooms. I recently made some changes and updates to a few chandeliers, I have a few more planned down the road as well, and of course I am looking for some lamps. I actually have a list of what I believe is missing from my home, and that would also allow me to move them around. An example might be: you are looking for a pair of buffet lamps to add to a sideboard, however think of all the other places you could use this pair, on an entry table, a piano, a mantle, or even on each side of your kitchen sink. Then it seems so worth it, to add them to your growing collection, because look at all the use you will get out of them.

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So basically in the back of my mind I am always thinking….Large, Layers, Live, and Lighting.

Remember no rules here, these are simply a few things I have learned along the way while decorating my home.

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