Things I have been loving in May.

Has it been another month. So many projects done and so many more to work on. I am part-time at my job now so I should have a bit more time to focus on the house. My mind does not stop, I am from one thing to the next. Always planning months down the road, so I always have a lot going through my head. Some favorites for May.

1.My absolute favorite for the month, has to be my sign from Dear Lillie. Its substantial size works great in my large living room, I adore the art work, and the saying is just so pretty. I love that the piece is both modern and feminine at the same time. Simply put, it’s a winner. This is a hard corner to photograph because of the mantle, but trust me it is gorgeous.

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2. My front Porch. I can never wait to set up the porch furniture, and this year was no exception. I spend hours out there, so I like to make it pretty. This day I added a crate I had picked up at the Flea Market, but I keep a metal tray on the bench for now to hold glasses of tea. I am on the hunt for a piece or two of furniture for this space, maybe a coffee table.

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3. Some Galvanized goodies from Pottery Barn. This metal tote, and ice bucket that I picked up at the Pottery Barn outlet are just so special. I love using the ice bucket as a place to drop a potted plant. And when its not in use for the obvious, I store snacks, like cupcakes, in it for easy access.

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