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I love, love, love, setting a pretty table. I don’t do it often enough, and when ever I do it, I realize, I need to do it more. It really does make a difference. Don’t save all the special touches for company. Even a Saturday morning breakfast table can be pretty. We take so much time to shop for all the pretty dishes and serve ware, and make sure we have all the things that make a table perfect, and then we only set it up for guests. Well I don’t know about you, but to be honest I don’t have to many guests. Because of this I plan to try to go the extra mile to set a pretty table, not every day, but I want to enjoy the things I have. Here is an example of one I set recently.

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It didn’t take much effort, a black table square, some placemats, and a potted plant dropped into an ice bucket for pretty.

Another simple idea, set up for afternoon tea and lemonade.

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Again a table runner, and everything I needed for a self serve drink station, then head for the porch to relax.

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