Quick and easy ways to present pretty packages!

Here are some tips I’ve picked up over the years, through much trial and error. I hope they are helpful…..now lets get wrapping, its CRUNCH TIME!

Pick two or three coordinating papers-wrap everything going under the tree in the matching papers. Lets face it some presents are carried to work or opened at a family members home, those packages don’t need to be wrapped to match the rest.

Purchase cloth ribbons-again pick ribbons that will match whatever papers you purchase. They will last for years and years if they are rolled up and stored in a wrapping bin. I have some that are five years old and going strong.  Hallmark is a very good place to find them. Tie them onto packages by following these easy steps, lay the ribbons across the top of the package and down the sides to the bottom, crossing each other and going back up the opposite sides of the package, slip one ribbon under the one laying flat on the top and pull tight, now tie like a shoe lace and remove the same way on Christmas morning. lay all your trimmings in a pile to roll up and  store for next year.

PicTapGo-Image (1)PicTapGo-ImagePicTapGo-Image (4)PicTapGo-Image (5)

PicTapGo-Image (2)


Lastly choose some simple unassuming tags and trinkets-to decorate the packages. Plain is best, even the wired shipping tags from an office supply store look great-and these can be stamped or glued and glitter if your feeling crafty.

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Finally-the finished project!

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