French Style Nesting Baskets-and the many uses

These sweet, nesting, baskets from Painted Fox Treasure, found me a few months ago, and I fell in love. As soon as I received them, my mind started to swirl with the multiple ways I could use them. If you are just stopping by my blog for the first time, you may not know that I like to re-use and re-purpose most of the items I use to decorate with. I love when I can use an item in one way, and then a few months later, pull it out of a room and re-use it in another room, in a completely different way. These baskets were just so perfect, that I contacted Painted Fox Treasures to see if they would be willing to team up with me and give a set away. Being the fun-loving girls that they are, they jumped right on board and said YES! To participate in this lovely giveaway, follow along on my Instagram for all the details. This is a May 2015  promotion. If you land on this Blog post after its long over, you can still benefit from the information here, because these decorating tips could be used with just about any basket, bin, crate,…..etc. that you may all ready have . If not jump over to Painted Fox and grab these lovelies, you won’t be disappointed. Here are just a few of the ways, I thought of, to use my set of baskets.

Of course, flowers, in any room. Fresh or Faux.

Tammys Blog 022a

Tammys Blog 094a

In an office. I love old books, so I add them in when ever I can. Right now I am specifically looking for blue bound books.

Tammys Blog 016a

Tammys Blog 009a

The Bathroom. I love how this basket holds washcloths for quick access, and looks pretty at the same time.

Tammys Blog 047a

Tammys Blog 021a

A bedroom or closet. Storing my most used scarves in one, is perfection. You can keep it out and it looks so nice, this way and you wont forget to wear your scarves.

Tammys Blog 024a

My dining room side board. These first two picture are of the baskets nested together.

Tammys Blog 033a

Tammys Blog 030a

….then I separated them for a different look. I hung this sweet boxwood on the front of the smaller basket.

Tammys Blog 046a

Tammys Blog 048a

The ideas for these beautiful baskets are endless. Good luck on the give away. Enjoy finding new ways to use and re-use the baskets, bins, and crates you may already have. But my advice…..go grab these wire baskets.

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Tammy Damore

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