Painting the Staircase White was like turning on a light.

A tiny update, on my journey around the house painting all the molding white. I came to the staircase and  I have to say, because of the size of the staircase, I was a little concerned, this would be a lot of white paint. Remember it wasn’t to long ago I didn’t like white paint, ha ha. I was worried it might be to too much bright white. All said and done I have to say it looks like someone turned on the lights, the difference is incredible. Its funny the more I paint white the more I want to paint white.  For now I have only tackled the risers and spindles. I am still trying to decide what to do about the treads and landing floor. They are the original finish back from 20 years ago when we moved in. We didn’t even touch them when we refinished the floors years back, and now the floors need it again. I will repaint the black, after the Christmas Holiday. I tie so much into the staircase for Christmas that I felt it would be a good January project. For now here it is, so bright and pretty. I love it. Please ignore the little piece of Styrofoam on the floor, oppsie!

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An update coming soon of a before and after of my kitchen.

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