Why I’m Changing All the Molding in the House to White

For twenty years I have had most of the molding in the house painted Steeple White, from Old Village Paint. My taste, as always, kind of evolves over time. And in the past two years it has been a slow transition from warm colors to cool colors. On my journey to paint these rooms from say, red to gray. I began to question whether or not the color of the molding still looked good, and it did. However, it started to plague me, I thought about it often, and how much work it would be to change it all. I would make the decision to keep it, based on what ever the reason was that day. Then a few days later, I would make the decision to paint it white. This mind game I was playing with myself, went on for a few months, all while I was painting other rooms, and painting the molding white in those rooms.

Finally it came down to this: three things happened, I had placed a special order for custom Roman Shades, in white, for my dining room. I realized that if I was going to change the molding it needed to be before these curtains were hung, we also planned to change out the dated shades throughout the house to wood slate mini-blinds in white, and I purchased an antique mirror that I would paint and hang above the mantle in the living room, to give it the look of built in. While I was painting the mirror I began to think that the paint looked yellow. It never looked yellow to me before, it always looked cream, and I started to second guess, yet again the color of the molding in these, now cool colored rooms. It was the perfect color for those warm colors I had had for twenty years. But now I just wasn’t sure anymore. Here is the mirror that I will hang above the fireplace, after I paint it white.

photo (317)

It is only the living room and dining room we are talking about here, but keep in mind my living room is about 27×16, and my large dining room has wainscoting a third of the way up, plus crown molding in both rooms, 11 windows, and 4 doorways. It was down to the wire, the mirror was painted and the Roman Shades were on there way. I talked about it, and talked about it, I knew what I wanted, but it would be so much work. If there is one thing I have told my self over and over again, over the years, its ‘don’t settle’. I was struggling with this decision because I didn’t want to do the work. I finally just gave in, I would paint all the molding the same color white. It will take me awhile, but I know I will be happy in the end. I will start with the dining room windows since the curtains will be in soon, then move to the fireplace and mirror, since the mirror is sitting on the floor in my living room, and I don’t like the color.

Of course I have a goal, and I hope I’m not alone in this. It seems what ever projects I have going on, my goal is always to get them done for Christmas, and in this house that means early November, because that is when the decorating starts. Well I have an awful big list this year. So I better get started. So it’s good bye cream, and hello white.

Here are a few pictures of the cream molding, pretty, just changed my mind about it.

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Tammys Blog 050a

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Coming to the Blog, but it wont be soon, newly painted white molding. Lol I will be posting an update along the way on Instagram. Follow along at Tammy Damore.

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