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Tammy Christmas Decor-12

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It all flew by so fast, as usual, and I am already thinking about taking everything down and packing it all away. Sitting in the living room this morning, I was taking a look around and remembering all the activity from just 24 hours earlier and all the wonderful memories that were made. Certainly I don’t want to forget the beauty and reason for the season, and I don’t want to forget how pretty everything looked, so here are a few pictures from Christmas 2014 to remember.

Tammy Christmas Decor-15


My living room staircase, is one of my favorite things to decorate, I start with a rather large but unadorned garland, and piece by piece I add the details with floral pics, feathers, sugared fruit, and crystals.

Tammy Christmas Decor-32 Tammy Christmas Decor-17


This is an antique sideboard I bought many years ago, I try to keep this piece functional when I decorate it. So I can use it to serve trays of deserts for Get-togethers.

Tammy Christmas Decor-35


This is the corner table where I sit every morning, my spot, to be honest there is usually a large pile of mail/clutter sitting in the empty spot. But I love this spot.

Tammy Christmas Decor-9


The top of this piano is always a lovely place to stash some icy looking items mixed with greenery.


A few Christmas baubles turn the top of my armoire into a sparkly spot.

Tammy Christmas Decor-20

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas. May the New year be filled with all things good and lovely. I’m sure there will be some bumps along the way, but with God, family, and the friends we have and will meet along the way, we will make it through and be back next year to do all again.

Looking forward to 2015

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