The Summer Mantle-2015

Because I am always so busy in the summer, I usually only have one mantle styling for the entire summer. This year will be no different. I have a long list of painting projects hanging over my head, painting all the molding and painting the kitchen cabinets, so this will be it, until I paint and  hang a new, antique, mirror I purchased a few weeks ago.

I had gathered all the items together that I wanted to use for the mantle, but I wasn’t happy with the look of the gold mirror and I didn’t feel, anything that I had, was the look I wanted. However, I did have a mirror I had purchased a couple years back, that I was never completely  happy with and I decided to give it a coat of paint, to give it a bit of a dark weathered look. I am very happy with the way it turned out. The how to-is coming to The Blog on Wednesday.

Tammys Blog 076a

Tammys Blog 079a

For me my Mantles are usually a work in progress, I try several, and then settle on one. Here are a few of the others I tried. I love them all.

Tammys Blog 008a

Tammys Blog 013a

Tammys Blog 050a

In the end I settled on the one with the grass. I purchased this large pitcher for my kitchen Island, because it is the same color, but I wanted to try it on the Mantle. It did look good, but I liked how simple the grass looked.

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