Some Finishing Touches for the Dining Room

I am not completely done, but here is and update. If you have been following along for awhile now, you know that back in January of this year, I decided to change the dining room wall color from my long standing Red to Grey. It started a journey, I didn’t expect. I changed the walls and quickly realized, I wasn’t sure if I liked the warm, cream, color of the molding anymore. I decided to update the dated window shades through out the house, and made a decision to go on the hunt for Roman Shades for the dining room. Since there was a window seat under the three large windows in there, I wasn’t sure I would like curtains so short, and I already had shutters on the lower part of the windows. I purchased two large candle sconces for my study [I thought] but when they arrived they were so ‘take your breath away gorgeous,’ that I rearranged the furniture, just so I could hang them in the dining room. The candle sconces pictured below are available at Painted Fox Treasure, click to purchase. I had painted the table, but wasn’t really happy with it, so I will give it another try.. Oh, lets not forget I have purchases two, yes, two, chandeliers for this room until I got it right. The first one was moved to the kitchen, since it was too small for the dining room. As it always seems to go for me, one things leads to another and so on. I hope I am not alone here. Just when I think things are finally coming together, there always seems to be one more thing to do. I guess you are never really done, and if I was, I would be bored. So just to bring you up to date. I have painted the molding white, [and when I did I swear it was like someone hit a switch, the room just lite up} the closet door black, hung the sconces, and added the Roman Shades.

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Let me bring anyone new to my blog up to speed, here is how the dining room looked in January, right before we started to paint. Now, not all of these pictures are pretty. I am being a little vulnerable here, and showing the ugly before and along the way. Kind of a diary of the progress.



Then as I transitioned to the gray walls but still had the cream molding, and the too small chandelier, which is now in the kitchen.

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Here are a few shots I grabbed as I moved around the room changing the molding to white.

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Now that the painting is done, I am enjoying adding back all the details.

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Slowly things are coming together, here is a shot right before we hang the Roman Shades.

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Tammys Blog 011a

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This shot I actually took by accident, checking my flash. I thought I would share a tiny peek into the dining room closet, nothing to glamorous, some dishes, sidewalk chalk and some party hats. I have linen placemats on each shelf with the edges hanging over. They have been there for 20 yrs.

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A few shots of the Roman Shades.

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I went on the hunt for some new artwork for above the sideboard, while we were at the beach. I am madly in love with the piece I brought home.

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It has been a bit of a process, and will continue still. I have curtain panels to add, the chairs will get whitewashed, but will be replaced with new chairs down the road. I plan to repaint the table, add some pillows and cover some cushions for the window seat. For me things seem to happen slowly over time. I kind of peel back the layers, little by little, and as I’m going I see where I might be going next.

Stay tuned for the next installment on the dining room makeover, coming soon.

Thanks for Stopping by the Blog.

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