Red Room Makeover part-2

Well this red room has come along way and its over, as far as the painting goes. It was much easier than I thought. The process of making the decision to paint kind of happened quickly. I literally took a picture in that room and just didn’t like what I saw. The process of picking the paint happened quickly, usually I take much longer deciding these things. If you remember from part-1, I thought that maybe I had made a mistake. Also the actual work went much better than I had imagined it would. When we painted the walls red-all those years ago, it took red tinted primer and five coats of paint to get the desired color, it was torture. So I imagined that the reverse process would go somewhat similar. However, we must have received some very educated advise at Lowes when we went to purchase our paint. We started with the High Hide primer tinted gray-and applied two coats to get a completely blocked out color. I actually couldn’t believe how well the primer worked. Then we followed with two coats of paint to get an even color. I am so, so happy with the final result.
This is what the room looked like right before we rolled the carpet up and slid the furniture out.


And now is when the fun begins. Decorating is really like therapy to me. I block everything out, and go to a place in my mind. I just start going through things and moving things around, until I arrive at the finished result. Sometimes, I add something in then take it away and add something else. I simply keep moving things around until I see what I want. Some finishing touches as they unfolded.





photo (13)

photo (97)

photo (100)

photo (115)


photo (3)

photo (1)

photo (101)

photo (99)

This is the chandelier that hangs in the room now, but will be moving into the study. My new chandelier from the Magnolia Market, and featured on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, has arrived, and is waiting to be hung.

photo (2)

photo (102)

Next project is to paint the dining room table. I will be using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to do the make-over.  Once these last few projects are complete, I will share some full room pictures. Until then, thanks for stopping by the blog. See you next time.

Tammy Dmaore

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