A New Look For The Mantle

Several months back I came across this rather large antique mirror. I believe it had a base of some sort at one time. I couldn’t walk away. I stood there in the shop just staring at the mirror sitting on the floor. I loved the size and detail of the piece. And then I saw it, on top of my mantle the mirror would look like a built in. So for $30 or $40 dollars, I cant even remember, we brought this beauty home. I have been waiting to get to this project, and I am anxious to get it in place and see how it looks and how long it will be up there on the mantle. I do love to change things. Here is how it started out, gorgeous, just too dark for me.

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Well this is the piece that changed my mind about changing all the molding to white. I took this in the house and painted it in the cream paint, not only did it look yellow to me, but I felt it looked like a granny lived here. The muted creamy tone didn’t give it the modern fresh look I wanted. So my head began to spin and the next thing you know I am painting all the molding in the entire house white. As I began to paint the molding white, the cream I had been using for 20years began to look more yellow and almost dirty or somber to me. Now I cant wait to get it all covered.

Here is the mantle after the white paint went on. I am in love.

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Here is the mantle before with its cream color and full look.

Tammys Blog 044a

…….and now with its white color and scaled back look. I am in love.

Tammys Blog 062a

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We do plan to tweak the original front of this mantle and cover the medallion with a different piece of molding, but that’s on the back burner for now.

Slowly but surely I am transforming this too dark house into a house full of light, simply by changing the molding to white.

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