You can white wash just about everything, and if your like me, once you make a batch you will want too. I store a batch of paint in a container with a lid so I have it ready at all times, its simply needs a good stir every time. I have piles and piles of Longaberger baskets waiting to be painted, but also empty frames look great whitewashed and are so inexpensive to pick up at flea markets, and are very easy to paint. Frames are so much fun to layer in with your other décor. Remember I did white wash a floor, you can check that out HERE. My latest project, these sweet flower baskets from Longaberger and a frame. Really the recipe is up to you and how thin you want your paint to be. Mine here is 3-parts water to 1-part paint. And I painted two coats. You can do a little sanding if you would like to take it down a bit, then add a thin layer of wax, and your done. Sorry no before picture, but you know what they looked like “brown”, much prettier now, for me. Some of you may still adore your brown baskets, and some that I have, I do still like. For me, I have been drawn to lightening things up lately. So I will probably paint a few more.

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For this frame, I white washed it, then rubbed on some gilding wax here and there, to give it a little something extra.

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Here is a close up.

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Next some chairs will get a coat of white-wash. Coming to the Blog soon.

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