A Fireplace for the Bedroom

I am adding a television back into my bedroom. I haven’t had one in here for about two years or more now. I haven’t missed it up until now. Of course I need something to put it on so I started to think about what I already had. I decided to move an antique Faux Fireplace that is in my second floor bathroom, into my bedroom. I will freshen it up with two coats of Paris Grey, a small amount of Graphite over the detail work, by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, clear wax over the entire piece then a little dark was just over the detail work, to give it a rich look. For now I will set the television on top.

I had a little surgery done early in early October and I was resting for a little while, so this TV was my friend for a bit. After I am back at it again, {and we all know that wont take long} I plan to hang it on the wall. I certainly wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good surface to decorate, so up on the wall she will go. I am not sure if I will conceal the TV or not, we will see.

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Ok, so it was a very sunny day, so not the best pictures 😐

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Don’t mind the wire, of course we only moved the television in the night before my surgery so it was a “quick lets do this” sort of project. Please tell me I’m not alone.

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It was painted in the same, so called cream that was everywhere in my house, and can you believe I didn’t paint it white. I felt since it had this gray interior that Paris

Grey would be a better choice.

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You can see a little of my vanity in the back ground here. The vanity will be moving to the dressing room/walk in closet soon, to make room for the armoire from the dining room, which is being moved into the space where the vanity is. The dressing room is a project we are starting after the Holidays, it is right next to this bedroom.

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Here are a few detail shots.

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I am in love with how it came out.

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