Some Winter Magic for the Bedroom

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Some of this room is in a transition period. The armoire will eventually move to my study, but for now I am stuck with it here, and yes it is too big for this small room. The bad thing about old houses is the bedrooms are just so small. Which is why I am turning one of the four bedrooms on this floor into a dressing room/walk in closet. Which is part of why this armoire is in here. But it is way to hard to explain, just know that I am always moving something, somewhere, but somewhere isn’t always ready to receive the piece I want to move, so its like, I move it here until I can move it there. If you are out there and loveeee….. to decorate as I do, you feel me. I moved the faux fireplace from the second floor bathroom into this room to hold a television right before I had my thyroid surgery back in October. I gave it a coat of Paris Grey, from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, my favorite color by the way. One night the house told me this room needed Navy curtains, well kind of……….I actually had a pair of jeans folded and hanging over the back of chair right by the window……I just looked over one night and I couldn’t believe what I saw……this room needed Navy curtains, the ones I knew were on sale right at that moment at West Elm. I had been looking at them because I felt the velvet might do the trick of keeping the cold drafts out, the hazards of an old house. I had purchased them back before Christmas to warm up the room, if only visually, and to add in some color. When the curtains came, I fell instantly in LOVE with them, however they were too long for the room. I couldn’t bring myself to sending them back because they were on sale, right. Since they were such a good price I decided to add them to my dining room. But that’s another Blog post. I can not even put into words how many times I have written and then re-written this blog post, titled and then retitled, because every time I made a move in this room I was dissatisfied with it. I just really felt like I couldn’t pull it together. I had really wanted to do a small gallery wall in here, but three tries and they were all a bust. I had moved this Boxwood up here simply for the holidays, so I thought, but then I really liked it and got an idea, and here it is. Sometimes you just have to throw out what you thought you should do and go with what happens. I call that, the house deciding. The mirrors I had hung in here last year ended up being to high, so round two……..I think I do everything the hard way. Will I ever learn, my husband would answer no. Luckily for me he simply grumbles a little and then does what he knows makes me happy. Anyway I think the struggle is the fact the room is small and doesn’t allow much. I am trying to scale back a bit anyway, but it is much harder to make a small room beautiful in my opinion. You cant put to much in so what you do put in, has to be really special and must really stand out. Remember the armoire is temporary, but here is where I am for now and I am loving it and loving these curtains.

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