The Perfect Summer Day

What could be more perfect than sitting on the porch, with a pitcher of pink lemon-aide, on a summers day? I mean what more is there to say. If the temperature is right, you just sit there and let the hours pass. Dreaming, looking up into the sky, listening to the sounds of summer off in the distance. The breeze¬†blowing past your face every once in awhile. Maybe a neighbor stops by to chit chat. You are in your bare feet, your hair is pulled back in a bun or pony, and you don’t have a care in the world for just that short amount of time. I mean take a deep breath and realize you are alive, how blessed your life is, all of the good that is in the world, focus only on good things. Ask yourself what can I do today to lift someone else up, to give back, to make a difference. Now that is living. And don’t forget to thank the one who makes it all possible. Just Be Still.

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Enjoy your day.



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