I was thinking…………..lets paint and move this piece to the porch!

I was thinking…….and that can be dangerous! We have been on the hunt for a hutch/cupboard to add to our front porch for months now. I knew exactly what I wanted. Open shelving on the top, I wanted the bottom open underneath so I could pack in flowers and flower pots of all shapes and sizes. It didn’t have to be in perfect shape, and I didn’t want to spend more than $100 dollars, and I wanted to paint it, so I was hoping and praying I could find one still with its original wood. There was nothing, I simply could not find what I was looking for. If it was perfect it was too expensive for the porch, and if it was the right price I didn’t like it.

Well today was the day. Have you ever had that moment when you realized that what you were looking for, was right there in front of you the whole time. I was cleaning and moving things around as I do. And I was trying a new look for a not so loved anymore, cupboard in my living room, that I would soon be painting, in an attempt to give it new life and bring it up to date. I had planned to replace the etched glass which really made it look like a grandma lived here, {oh wait, I am a grand ma} any way, we have had the piece for more than 20 years and I was just so over it. I needed to change it up, so I was messing with it trying to figure out how I would style it once it was painted. I stepped back at one point and just stood there looking at this piece. It was sagging a bit in the middle, the wood is chipped away in places,  its kind of tired and run down, the finish is lack luster at best, and we cant even use the bottom drawers or they fall out. We certainly got our moneys worth out of it, over the years that it sat in the living room. Yup, this is the piece I have been hunting down, and its FREE, because I already have it. I don’t have to many pictures of the piece because it is so dark and heavy looking, I have felt lately that it is a bit outdated. Beautiful, however,  I’m over it. Time to bring it into this modern world, with a little paint.

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A new sofa is coming in the fall. Moving this piece out of the living room would open up the space and allow me to make some changes, that I couldn’t before. There are a few options but until its out I am not even sure what I will do in the end. But I have some ideas.

Now, to convince my hubby that this is the one, the piece we have been searching for. Well, he jumped right on board. So now the fun begins.

I had originally planned to paint it white, and paint the inside a thinned out pale blue shade. However, now that it is going on the porch, I decided to still paint the inside the pale, pale blue, but I painted two coats of blue on the exterior of the piece and then a final coat of Paris Grey. All paint used was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I sanded back the grey to reveal the blue underneath in some areas, and it is really pretty. I then gave it a light coat of clear wax, but plan to use some exterior General Finish Poly-acrylic before the summers end. I do plan to keep the cupboard out all winter. We removed the out dated glass, and replaced with chicken wire. Then added some décor and I’m done.

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I am looking forward to adding in Fall and Christmas decorations to this cupboard.

Lots more painting to do before the fall, I need all these projects wrapped up before its time to decorate for Fall and Christmas. I will soon be done the living room, the staircase and the landing molding update, and then I will be moving into the kitchen. So painting, painting, painting I will go.

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Tammy Damore


  1. Tammy it’s perfect!!!! I love it on the porch and the way youve styled it too. I can see lemonade or wine being served! Thats$100 saved for something in your living room AND the gift of open space! Win-Win!!

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