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Decorating your home is very rewarding, and I love picking up new things to add and change things up. Of course I have learned over the years that you don’t have to have everything out at the same time, that can start to get cluttered looking. Sometimes after I think I am done, I need to step back and remove a little or tweak it a little.  I love to buy a few items in multiples to group together, for a not so clutter look, I find when I group several things together it appears as one. I love nestling a few items onto a tray, everything tucked in, and it just has a more organized, pulled together, polished look, if that is what you are going for. Either way having doubles of some things is wise, and multiples of others will make a bigger impact.

Here are some examples of what I am talking about. Pitchers I adore them….they can be used for so many things and in every room of the house. Here on the porch, but even a small pitcher of flowers on your bathroom sink would be lovely. I collect old and new, and I am constantly on the hunt for them.

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Find what you love and you can collect it over time. My collections, are not worth money, I don’t collect something for its value, but rather for its appeal. The things I collect and use to decorate, make me feel good. They give my home a certain look and feel, and my home represents me, because it is full of all the things I love. I have heard it said, that a woman’s home is a representation of who she is, and in my case I believe that to be true. Oh, but I have made many mistakes over the years to, settling on a less expensive version of what I really wanted. I’ve learned its more expensive to do this, wait and get what you truly love.

I also have a pretty collection of Mercury Glass. I have been collecting this glass for many many, years. Because I have so much I am very picky now about the pieces that I add to my collection. I have many candle sticks, bowls, small and large containers, lamps, and even a small amount of several sizes of globes on pedestals that I picked up at a retail store, they had used them for displays, so I got them very cheap, I am talking $1 and $2 dollars a piece. But some pieces are worth spending a little more on. My most recent find was a pair of pedestal compotes. There are not words for how beautiful these pieces are. I cant wait to style them going forward. I am already picking up some things. You can shop with me for them by clicking through the banner for Painted Fox in my sidebar, then click on the menu top left corner, then Trays, then Farmhouse trays, there are several versions available, all stunning. Most of my Mercury Glass is stored in my armoire, where I keep most of my breakable décor when I am not using it.

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This beautiful bowl is Pottery Barn.

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and a little sneak peek into my armoire, that is a whole other blog post……about what I store and keep on hand. For now these are my mercury glass shelves.

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