Hanging a Chandelier in the Living Room-A Review

Over the years it has always been a challenge to find a light fixture for this room. Since we moved in there has always been a ceiling fan in here. The living room itself is about 28 feet by 16 feet, however the entrance is on one side, and the door opens into it. That is the side that there is electricity in the ceiling. I have always seen this as a challenge because the traditional rules for hanging a chandelier, can not really be applied here. To purchase the largest fixture by measurement, for the room, would kind of put the fixture in your face when you walked in. In addition, the living room is open to the dining room, so the fixtures must go together, sort of. I’m not one for matchy, matchy, so I want the fixtures to each be unique, yet look well together. Since you do see them both at the same time. I have had my eye on this fixture from Pottery Barn for a couple of years, never really sure if I wanted it for this space in the living room or maybe my bedroom. I decided it would work in the living room, even though it is smaller in diameter than the room calls for. But because you walk into the room from out side, right near where the fixture will hang, I believe it will be a good fit. It is the Mia Faceted-Crystal Pendent in the large size! It has a 19 inch diameter and is 29 1/4 inches high. It now hangs over the round table in the living room, on the piano side. I did hang it a little higher than the traditional fixture over a table as well, for the same reason, I don’t want it so low when you walk in the front door.

This chandelier arrived and I have to admit I was a little intimidated by all the pieces and the lengthy instructions. However, once I took a deep breath and dug in, it was a simple process. We did need to attach all of the strands one at a time, but they were so well packed and attached on one end, so it was a pretty simple undertaking. There were two large packs of crystals attached to the metal rings, and wrapped tightly for protection, and then two center poles, a long one and a short one. My daughter Kendra and I did all the work of putting it together, and my husband had the help of my son-in law who is always there to help us out, when it came to hanging it. You defiantly need two people for the job, it is a weighty piece. We left the lower section off, until it was hung,so it wasn’t to heavy.

We put it together in about 30 minutes, and it took about 1 1/2 hours to hang, due to some issues we had with a part not being long enough to reach through our ceiling and medallion. But a quick trip to Lowes fixed that.

The pendent is absolutely stunning, and has given the room a whole new ambience it didn’t have before.

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In the end I am over joyed with the look of the chandelier, no regrets. It is the absolutely perfect piece for the room. I am in love.

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