Freshening Up the Staircase Wall

This space is just about impossible to photograph, but I wanted to give you an update anyway. After painting the molding white I decided to tackle the wall going up the stairs on the landing, again. I have not been  happy with it for a while now. I did try just adding a little to my already existing pictures and it simply did not work. So when I was painting the molding on the landing, I took it all down and reevaluated.  Every thing seemed outdated, old, and just disconnected. So I started to look for a set of pictures that I could use here to give a simple yet pulled together look. I will add in a few antique mirrors that I recently removed from the living room.

I first mapped it out with paper. I don’t want to make any mistakes here. Taped it up and just let it sit there for a few days. I like it so I will hang things up and see if I can get any photos.

Here is what it looked like with just the craft paper squares, cut to the size of my pictures and mirrors. You can get the idea, even though its not the best picture.

Tammys Blog 002a

I have to yell from the highest mountain tops, THIS REALLY WORKED WELL. I mean WOW, it was so easy, my husband and I hung these pictures and mirrors, and we didn’t even raise out voices once. It took about 20 minutes, we nailed right through the paper, then tore it away. Hung them, and it was perfect. I would highly recommend this method to anyone who struggles with hanging pictures, and or, you have a tricky area. In my case, there is hard wood paneling on these stairs that has been there for ever, back in the days when they made good quality stuff, who remembers that? I hang all of the pictures, clocks, and art, in the house. But I can not, get a nail into this wall, no matter how hard or long I swing a hammer, I am simply not strong enough. So my husband helped me.

Tammys Blog 004a

All of these pictures were taken with my iphone, it was simply to weird of an angle to use the good camera. Sorry!




This is the best shot I could get from down in the living room. Its a very tricky area to shoot.

Tammys Blog 029a

From the living room you get a glimpse of this area, and it now has a more finished look.

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