5 Tips for Shopping at a store like Homegoods

Did someone say shopping. My ears just perked up, what about yours. There are a lot of places to shop for home decorations. These days you can lay in bed all snuggled up, order from any number of websites, and have your things delivered right to your front door. I love shopping this way. However, on those days when you are actually putting hair and makeup on, and the whole nine yards, and going out, to hands on shop in a store. One of my favorite stores to shop in are those like, Homegoods ,TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. And in the case of these discount department stores there are a few simple guidelines, I try to keep in mind.

In stores like these you never really know from trip to trip, what will be in stock. They don’t keep reordering the same things and restocking them. Of  course there will be those times when you are on the hunt for a specific item. But in general if you love to decorate and change things up often. Then……….

1. NO LIST-no list is a good idea, or at least don’t feel constrained by your list of ‘potential ideas’. You need to buy what is available at the time. For me, I live an hour away from any good shopping. I really don’t mind, I am so used to it. However, because of that, when I go, I go big! It is usually the whole day. If you go with out a list, I promise you, you will see and buy more. If you are tied to a list, you go in looking for those specific items, and most likely walk right past some great stuff. You may even notice the pretty things, but not fully process it until you are gone, relaxed, and rethinking what you saw at that day.

2. PLAN TO SPEND-Go planning to spend some money. What ever your budget will allow of course, be ready to spend! If price is a deal breaker, its a killer. One of those, pain in the gut feelings that doesn’t go away for days, its called regret. In these cases, I would recommend, dropping the ‘cha-ching” on one  large ticket item over several smaller ones!

3. PUT IT IN THE CART-How many times have you been checking something out, walked away, then went back and it was gone! You can remove it from the cart before you check out. This gives you time to think about it, and, or, see what else you find.

4. NO REGRETS-before you head home, re-evaluate, ask yourself, did I leave anything behind? Usually when I go, I am out for the day, and in and out of several stores. Before I head home, I always ask myself this question.

5. THE SPOILS-At this point your home, re-evaluate again to see if you bought something you either can’t use or won’t work for your space. Consider a different room. Sometimes, you initially considered a piece for one room, and once you get it home, you realize a better use for it. If not, you can always return it.

The truth is, I rarely ever return something. I always find a place for it, even if its the basement for awhile.

Over all keep in mind when you are out shopping, if you are attracted to something, you don’t need to know where its going to go. If its your style, works with your color scheme, and you love it, buy it…..you can figure the rest out later.

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