What Makes a House a Home-and a little chit chat

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I love mixing old things in with the new. I think it looks fresh and has a collected over time feel. Every antique piece I have, has been carefully and thoughtfully collected, and has a story behind it. All of these pieces represent memories we spent together as a family, going on trips, long and short, and bringing home “The Find” over the years. Even just our weekend run to the local shops and flea market is time filled with memories of the great deal we got on something. Of course my husbands memory and my own don’t always line up. He always remembers a much better deal than I remember. A trip long ago to the Pocono Mountains where we had to tie a piece to the roof of our then van, because it wouldn’t fit inside. My first ever antique was a trade, I still have my piece. I got the better end of the deal, he wanted a bentwood rocker I had and offered me a dresser in pieces, it’s beautiful, and now serves as a dressing table for all my jewelry. That was thirty plus years ago.

My best ever story has to be The Red Bird Cage. I found this red canary cage, hanging high in the rafters of a local shop, and fell in love. Man I wanted that thing. I didn’t even know the price, but surely it couldn’t be that much. It was almost Christmas, so I created a little song and got my young girls in on a way to help my husband know what to get me for Christmas, and so he would not forget we sang it all the time.. “All I want for Christmas is a Red Bird Cage”. He did remember but was a little shocked by the hefty price tag, I still remember $158.00 oh boy, that wasn’t happening, I mean we had young children. I didn’t get the cage. That February we went to the Poconos’s for an antiquing trip for my birthday. Half way there, we stopped at a shop that was only sometimes open. That day it was. My daughter Courtney was only in the door two minutes when she came running out yelling that there was a Red Bird Cage and it was the exact same one. Could it be, yes it was, and this one had the original stand, total price $28.00 SOLD! It  stood in the dining for twenty years, it will get a new home on our deck once we remodel.

So each piece we have collected over the years has a story, a memory attached that reminds us of our life over the years. Even some of the newer pieces we have collected when we were away on vacation have a memory attached. These memories are our history, and the pieces, along with the stories are part of what makes our house a home, and our life a story. Oh sure, there is so much more, it isn’t just about things, but for me, with my last daughter in college now, my husband and I have our empty nest, only it isn’t really empty after all, it’s filled with stories and memories of our life together. I can sit in my chair and look all around me, and be right back there, remembering a trip somewhere.

Here are just a few. The most recent this Empire Dresser we found for a song.

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This antique flag we brought home from the Poconos years ago.

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This typewriter which my husband could barely carry to the car, I swear that thing weighs 50lbs.

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These vintage prints I found one day of Paris Theaters.

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We are always wondering around, looking for something great or different, and always looking for the best deal possible.



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