Why I Purchased my Upholstered Furniture at IKEA

My philosophy has always been to spend big on my upholstered pieces. I could always make do with antiques wood pieces, in fact I preferred them, and I love painted pieces as well. This time however, was different. I spent a good year thinking about purchasing a new sofa and two chairs. And I looked several places and fell in love with several ideas. But it came down to the very basic slip covered sofa from either Pottery Barn or IKEA. I wanted white, so I felt slipcovered was the way to go. I loved the idea of being able to change out the slip cover and or simply change out the pillows to get a new look. They both looked very similar, so I would do a little more research to make my final decision.

The Ikea slipcovered furniture was inexpensive and I wanted to know why. The Pottery Barn furniture was reasonably priced. I had paid as much for a sofa 20 years earlier. However the difference in price between the two was great. So I compared the two.

The Pottery Barn sofa was built with hard woods that were kiln dried, I know this makes a difference as far as construction goes, as well as there cushions were down wrapped. My old sofa, had this feature as well. You couldn’t tell any more after 20 years.

The Ikea furniture, which looked almost identical. Was build with fiberboard, moisture resistant particleboard, plywood, solid pine ,and  polyurethane and did not have the down wrapped cushions. But the price was unbelievable.

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I can tell you this, it came down to price for me. It was the same look. The Ikea sofa would be $399 .for the most inexpensive white slip cover. I wanted two sets, so it was an additional $249.00 for the white one in linen, which is my favorite. Even with the two covers the price was unbeatable. The total price for the sofa and two sets of slipcovers, one being the more expensive linen one, was $648.00. I finally convinced myself to go with Ikea, when I realized that if the Ikea sofa fell apart 5 years down the road and I had to buy it over again, it would still be cheaper. In fact I could buy the sofa and slipcovers 4 times before I would spend as much as the Pottery Barn sofa would cost, which was about $2800.00. Don’t get me wrong I am in Love, I mean in Love, Love, Love, with Pottery Barn, I am Pottery Barn obsessed, but I decided I would like to spend my money on other things. This sofa just cant be beat. The even better news is, worst case scenario I need to replace it in 5 years, I get another sofa, another opportunity to change my mind. I wont be locked into the same piece of furniture for twenty years because it was so expensive.

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I love everything about this furniture, and oh by the way purchased two chairs and an foot stool and it was still only half of just the sofa at Pottery Barn. It was easy to put together, and is sturdy and well built.

Here is what it will look like for fall if you missed it on Friday.

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Tammys Blog 122a

I hope this was helpful information, for anyone out there trying to decide on a sofa.

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