A Summer Table Setting-Pretty Little Things

I don’t know what it is about setting the table, and putting out pretty little things. I guess you could kind of say I collect, well, but collect is a strong word, I kind of get this picture in my head of a table setting, and then I slowly over time, pick up some things here and there, and then one day I have what I need to bring my vision to life. The pottery and glasses are from Pottery Barn, I have been slowly picking these pieces up over the last six months or so. The same with the napkins, I knew I wanted white, that is a given, but then one day I came across these pretty blue ones at Homegoods, and I don’t really mess too, too, much with pattern, so I thought this would be a safe way for me to introduce some pattern into my décor. The little blue and pottery pieces, I have been picking up here and there, for a completely different idea I have, but they just seemed perfect for the centerpiece here. I tried a few trays until I found the one I felt worked. I kept the centerpiece low enough to talk and see over, its nice to be able to each other across the table. Try picking a few things and using a few you already have, and setting a pretty table. You could just set it and leave it. I cant really do that, since we do not have a table in out kitchen. However, I did leave the centerpiece for now and the Mercury Glass votive candles on the little wood slabs. Here are some of the pictures I captured.

Tammys Blog 051a

Tammys Blog 053a

Tammys Blog 054a

Tammys Blog 055a

Tammys Blog 056a

Tammys Blog 057a

Tammys Blog 059a

Tammys Blog 063a

Tammys Blog 066a

Tammys Blog 74a

Tammys Blog 075a

Tammys Blog 076a

Tammys Blog 078a

Tammys Blog 082a

Tammys Blog 083a

Tammys Blog 084a

Tammys Blog 087a

Tammys Blog 089a

Tammys Blog 090a

Tammys Blog 099aTammys Blog 090a

Tammys Blog 103a

Tammys Blog 104a

Tammys Blog 116better

I hope this inspires you to pull out some Pretty Little Things, and set a pretty table.

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