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As the calendar turns to August, my mind turns to all things Fall inspired. I start dreaming of cooler weather, shorter days, pumpkin patches, and hay rides. I start to long for cool nights, walks, and fireflies. Gone is the desire for iced tea and lemonade, I am longing for warm Chai Tea, Apple Cider, and Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer. Pumpkin anything really, and Apple and Pear!!! At the top of my list, is the desire to decorate my home for the upcoming season, and I start to purchase and burn candles like they are going out of style. I am not an orange girl, so I tend to go for the white, green, black, and even silver and gold pumpkins. I love to mix faux and real, and add in many gourds as well. I love to mix in fresh flowers and greenery, and now is when I start to pull out my Mercury Glass Collection. I change out as few things as possible in my home, I love the things I have, so I just move them around a little or fill them in with all things fall inspired. I like to change out pillows, and throws, napkins and tablecloths. Some small tweaks is all that is really needed. I try to use as many natural materials as possible, for a comfy, easy, look. Besides the pumpkins and gourds, I like to start collecting pinecones, and leafy vines and branches, acorns, and one of my all time favorites….feathers. This is one reason why I like to decorate using vessels, vases, crocks, pitchers…….you get the idea. It is easy to change the look, by adding fresh flowers or seasonal materials to these already existing pieces , and you didn’t need to change out the piece, simply add in the little extras. This is the time of year my home starts to fill up. I tend to have a pretty full look, from fall until after Christmas. Then when January hits, I like it a little bare, but not for long.

Though my mind is ready for fall, its still pretty warm out in August, so I am planning and picking things up, but not really putting to much out. You can start small, some things aren’t as obvious. This year I plan to add a little navy blue, to my already existing pale aqua. Here is an example of changing out the pillows on the couch to warm it up a bit, they are my fall pillows, but no one knows……shhhhhhh.

Tammys Blog 119a

Tammys Blog 121a

Tammys Blog 122a

Tammys Blog 127a

Tammys Blog 129a

Another not so obvious addition is adding in some darker colored florals to the room, slowly. Here I added some faux feathers to this pitcher to warm it up a bit. Its a subtle change, that you can add to slowly.

Tammys Blog 013better

Tammys Blog 010a

Tammys Blog 023a

Some other simple additions may be abandon bird nests or moss, under glass, or a bowl in the living room to start to gather acorns and pinecones, bring them slowly inside as you find them. I have started a small collection of antlers, since they are all the rage right now. I have been picking up at a local flea market, they work great all year, but especially in the fall and for Christmas.I tend to enjoy the slow transition into fall, as opposed to the quick and sudden changes I make at Christmas.

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