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Ok, I love, no I adore mirrors. I love Antique Mirrors, new, small, large, painted, wood, silver, gold, you name it, if its a mirror I probably love it, and not to look in them, I just think there is something so beautiful about them. Just a few weekends ago when my hubby and I were out shopping around, we were in a shop and he saw a lovely one, and said to me, “do you have enough mirrors yet?” hmmm noooooo! I didn’t get one that day, because at that point the ones I had were still on the floor. Anyway I love mirrors and I love them in multiples. I recently removed  my mirror wall from the living room, when I added the very large to the ceiling antique mirror, I painted white and added to the mantle, to look like a built in. But now I had all these vintage mirrors, leaning against the wall in my study.

Here is my mirror wall/corner just about four months ago in the living room.

Tammys Blog 302a

Every day when I would come in here to write, there they would be. Everyday I would wonder, and think, where can I put you, such pretty little things. Then one day, I glanced over and there it was, the inspiration, I had been waiting for!!!!!! Hmmmmmmm……….yes, I was thinking again, and I decided I would hang those mirrors in a grouping in my office/study, instead of on the floor leaning against the wall, lets get them up on the wall.  This is where I sit to write, and edit pictures, and create, so it should be filled with all the things I love and adore. Which means I can have my mirror wall back……yay!!!! Cheers and dancing when I realized this.

Any way here are a few pictures of the end result.

Tammys Blog 115a

Tammys Blog 045a

Tammys Blog 042a

Tammys Blog 039a

Check back, I will be sharing a tour of the study very soon.

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