How I Made my Artwork look more Grand, and fill a larger space!

On a recent trip to Virginia, to take my daughter back to college, of course my husband and I stopped in to a few antique stores, as we do. And along the way, we brought home a few lovely things, to add to our home. One in particular was a beautiful painting, in mostly shades of white. I was instantly drawn to it because of the white and because of the beauty the piece held. I wasn’t sure about the size though? Was it big enough for the spot, I was hunting something down for??? I wasn’t sure but it was so beautiful, I soon realized a few other places I could use it, we checked out, and it was mine. Ironically as my husband was sitting waiting for us in another store, he noticed the artist was from a town just about thirty minutes north of where we live in Pennsylvania, it was meant to be. As we traveled back a few days later, we made another stop, and at the last minute, when we were leaving the shop we decided to check out all of the goodies they had on the porch, there is where I found two, oversized, gold, antique, gorgeous, frames and a few other goodies. I was thrilled with these frames and couldn’t believe the price. I had passed one up, just a week ago at the flea market, and I was maybe…….. regretting it a little. But these two were worth waiting for. Once we were home and bringing things in from the car, I was standing the frames against a table in the living room, and then the painting in front, when a light went on, this painting in front of one of these larger frames made it appear to be more the scale I was looking for.

Now, the next morning, I began the process. I needed to clean, and add some eye hooks and wire to the back of the frame. That went pretty easy. Then I wanted to hand the frame from on the wall and the picture inside. However, because of the pipes being off center, the frame was being pulled to one side of those pipes. Luckily the frame was substantial enough, that I could lean it and actually hang the picture on the frame. I did place a small wire around the one pipe and the wire on the large frame, simply to ensure the frame wouldn’t slip off the table top.

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I love how this turned out. The art in the frame now, is a painting by my great grandmother that I treasure. I will change out the artwork for the season, so the new piece I purchased will go up in November since it is a snow scene.

I hope this happy accident inspires you to enlarge a piece of art you already own with a $5.00 frame, as I did.

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