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Here is  how having a stash of items on hand at all times, will allow you change up certain pieces again and again. I’ve learned over the years to stock up on certain item, and buy multiple in others. Be sure to carefully and purposely, choose a few items with the idea of using them for just this notion. I showed in January how to repurpose a, Vintage Galvanized Bowl  several ways, that could have been any bowl made out of any material, mine was metal, but yours could have been any number of others things.  Keep a designated area to store your fillers, as I like to call them. That would include things like, artificial fruit, old books, topiaries, and flower picks, artificial anything really, seashells, birds nests, moss, candles, anything green, and well, really anything that will fit inside, will work. You decide! Don’t be afraid to take something apart to try something new, that’s what being creative is all about.

I took this pretty pedestal cage, and changed it up many ways. You could change it for the season, or just for fun.

photo (58)

photo (59)

photo (221)

photo (62)

photo (63)

photo (65)

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You could fill this container with Christmas balls, or a tiny Poinsettia, for Christmas. For New Years Eve, you could fill it with old clock faces, or put an alarm clock inside, set to go off at Midnight. During the Spring/Easter season, fill it with Easter Eggs, or a sweet potted tulip, for summer, pop in a baby fern with a few seashells laying around the bottom. For Fall I have filled it with pumpkins and wrapped a budding vine around the entire cage. The point is, the ideas are endless for these type containers. If you love decorating and like to change things up often, this is a good way to make a change without having to buy and entire new piece. Have a handful of large vessels, different shapes and  sizes, and made of different materials on hand. Then stock your shelves with the things you love to collect, and can showcase inside, and let your creativity carry you away. Try several things, if you don’t like it, try something else.

Keep in mind this could be any container, and having that stash of smaller things to display inside a larger piece, makes redecorating a snap. Purchase, and keep on hand, multiples of the items, you love to collect. They certainly don’t need to be the ones I have pictured here. There are thousands of ideas, buy and display what you love. Most of all, have fun decorating your home.

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