How Much Lighting Do I need in a Room? The Answer

I have to start by saying if you talked to my husband he would probably tell you, that all I do is buy lamps and chandeliers. Not true, kind of, I mean, well, you see, ok, I do buy a lot of lamps and chandeliers, kind of, but I need them, I mean, I have a big house, with lots of rooms, and I like to change things around alot, and maybe I have made a few mistakes, in the past of course, and yes, I  am looking for a pair of buffet lamps, and a floor lamp, for the last few months. But, seriously, how much lighting do we really need in one room.

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I did a little research, meaning I googled it, and this is what I came away with. There is actually a formula for figuring out, how much wattage a room needs, imagine that? It is length x width x 1.5, and that is how much lighting in wattage you need in a room, give or take a little. For my living room it looks like one lamp every 10 to 12 feet. I calculated what I would need, and then evaluated what I had to see where I was. I turned on, all of my lighting, one dark, dreary, rainy, day to see how much light I could get in the room! In the areas where I had lighting it was adequate, however, I did have one spot, on the one side of the living room, were I have an over head pendent and one lamp. Here I felt I needed more lighting. This is the area where I plan to add the pair of buffet lamps. So even though I wasn’t aware of the formula, I knew I needed the lighting in that area. According to the formula of, width x length x 1.5, I should have 715 watts of lighting in the living room. I have one pendent light that has 3-40w bulbs in it, 4 lamps that have 60w bulbs, and one lamp that has a 100w bulb in it. 715 which would be the standard for my room minus the 460w of light I have, means I could add 255w more of lighting to my living room. Certainly it doesn’t need to be exact. Some of it is judgment and visually what looks appealing to the eye. I mean I love lighting and lamps, and candles, and mirrors, and all things that glow really, but I don’t want it to look like I’m selling lamps. I will add the pair of buffet lamps to the piano, and a floor lamp, and then that it it for this room. No rules, I hate rules, its just a guide.

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Hope this was helpful.

Don’t forget to add lighting to your rooms. Its one of my 4-L’s and I believe the most important and most forgotten element in decorating.

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