A Sofa Table-making my new piece look old

Ok, I love and collect antiques. I have seen a lot of beautiful pieces over the years and I have purchased quite a few of them. But I have never seen, or at I cant remember ever seeing a sofa table. I wanted one but I wanted it to sit just under my window sills and they are pretty low. So………well how lucky can a girl get. My son in law made me a sofa table, to my exact measurements, and I adore it. So now I need to paint it and get it in place to decorate.

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Here it is, a perfect, made for me, to fit behind my sofa and in front of my windows, sofa table. Now I need to paint it and get it in place.

 Its not like me to let something sit and sit. But there it sat every day, I would drink my coffee looking at this table, and I was stumped. I mean I am used to painting antiques, not pieces of raw wood. I knew I could stain it and then follow up with what ever paint I wanted, but nothing seemed to be right in my mind. I was all over Pinterest, and realized no matter what I did it would turn out ok, but what was I ok with. That is what I needed to figure out. I really didn’t want to stain it, and I knew that Milk Paint was best suited for raw wood. however I had only ever painted one piece with Milk Paint and I was no pro, and it was an old piece. So there the table sat for three weeks. What was I going to do, I needed to make a decision.

One Saturday I made a trip to Strasburg to buy some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, which I  was using to paint my kitchen cabinets. That Blog post coming soon 😉 I was lucky enough to meet the owner of the shop that day, Amy, and was able to discuss my dilemma with her, concerning my raw wood dilemma. She of course being the expert lead me right to Miss Mustard Seed Paints. Along with step by step directions about layering to achive the look I was after. I couldn’t be more pleased. A big shout out to, Fresh Vintage by Amy, in, Strasburg, Pa check out her charming shoppe and all things lovely inside, including Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. Or jump over to her website Fresh Vintage by Amy and order your paint there, SHE SHIPS. With the advice of my new friend, I finally figured out what was meant to be, and why my piece sat so long in the middle of my room, just waiting and waiting for me to figure it out.

Milk paint here instead of stain. That’s right you heard me correctly, this is not stain, but instead the color’ curio’ from Miss mustard Seed Milk Paint. I mixed it really thin, like milk, 3-parts water to 1 part paint. A sample pack did the entire table and a little extra to go over just here and there.

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I loved the look of just the curio!

Next I coated my piece with 2-coats of Shutter Grey, we did sand between these 2 coats to expose some of the wood again.

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I actually could have stopped right here, this was a pretty stage. But I was really wanting the table to be light in color. Here you can see the hemp oil drying in spots.

I wanted a rustic/worn look. At this point I applied some Hemp oil to the piece here and there, brushing it over knots in the woods and areas where I had sanded, I wanted these areas to resist the next color I would apply. My last color would be the lightest of them all, using Grain Sac,  I mixed 1 to 1, I painted this over the entire piece but lighter in some areas, and barely touching the areas with the oil. This I mixed in the typical way, 1-part water to 1-part powder, but found it a little thick so I added a bit more water. Its kind of a ‘feel your way kind of paint’ which I really enjoy. If you are a creative person you will adore the process, as it allows you to be completely free with the choices you make. In the end the piece is completely you.

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Once the paint was dry, I brushed a full coat of hemp oil over the entire piece, as the finish coat and rubbed in, and off with a lint free cloth. I allowed the table to sit outside for a few hours, then carried it in and set it in place. Making sure to keep the curtains and coach away from it until all the oil was absorbed. It is in place now and waiting to be styled. Let the fun begin.

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I love how it turned out, it sits low, just under the window sills. I really felt I needed something a little rustic in the room.

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