Combining Decorating Styles As A Newlywed Couple

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I was recently asked by the lovely Kimberly over at The Lovely Knot, to write an article for them about “Combining Decorating Styles As A Newlywed Couple” I jumped at the opportunity of course, yes, yes, yes, is what I was saying to myself and to Kimberly. After I pushed send on that email, I had this lump in my throat, wait, was it my stomach, oh I don’t know, but I was nervous. I started to immediately doubt myself, could I do it, what were they looking for, maybe my quirky style of writing wouldn’t do, did it need to be all formal? You get the picture, I was doubting myself, as women, don’t we tend to do that? Be strong and courageous, that’s what we tell ourselves, push the limits and reach for the sky, or shoot for the moon. Well, that is exactly what I needed to hear, so I told myself all of the above, and pushed forward. I figured I would just be myself. So I wrote the article based on my own experiences. I have been married for 25 ish years after all. After writing and writing and tweaking and tweaking, I finally came up with what I felt was good advice. Its what I would tell to a young couple just starting out.

So here it is, the article over at The Lovely Knot Blog Click here to read.

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