$21 and 6 Pumpkins-some simple uses

I don’t know about you but I don’t have a lot of fall décor stored away in bins. I have one small bin, and half of the stuff in the bin, I do not even like anymore. So really just a few faux pumpkins is all I have to work with. I usually pick up fresh pumpkins and gourds, fill a bowl and set one here or there, add something to the front door, pile up some mums and bails of straw, done. We made our trip to Martins, a lovely local garden shop, and I picked up 6 pumpkins, total. Three large ones-$5 each, and 3-small ones $2 each, total $21.The 2 orange-ish/pink  ones came with warts and al,l and I adore that about them. I challenged myself to see how many different ways I could display these 6 pumpkins. Of course first I filled the dough box, as usual. This box always goes from pumpkins to hydrangeas or the other way around, depending on when I get my pumpkins. Here in PA its best to cut your Hydrangeas around September 15th.

Tammys Blog 043a

Tammys Blog 073a

An oversized tray.

Tammys Blog 091a

How about an urn.

Tammys Blog 065a

Here I used a candle holder.

Tammys Blog 074a

I swapped out the faux pumpkin for this real one on the compote/pedestal.

Tammys Blog 078a

I thought under this cloche was pretty.

Tammys Blog 084a

In an antique grocery basket.

Tammys Blog 088a

This antique silver compote.

Tammys Blog 101a

Tammys Blog 113a

Tammys Blog 126a

This old wooden bowl.

Tammys Blog 137a

Tammys Blog 140a

Tammys Blog 155a

Inside this tiny wreath.

Tammys Blog 177a

Tammys Blog 068a

Tammys Blog 264a

As you can see there are endless ways to display pumpkins, so for a very small investment you can do a lot of different things, and then you don’t have so much to pack away. Have a wonderful Fall Season.

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