Fresh Pumpkins, Bathed and Sealed

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When purchasing fresh pumpkins from a local farm, its best to give them a little bath. I wanted to give mine the traditional bath, which is a mix of 1-part bleach and 10-parts water. In the past I have mixed it in a spray bottle and then sprayed them down outside. This year I simply mixed it in the kitchen sink. I washed each pumpkin and then wiped away any excess water with a towel, then I set them aside to air dry. Once they were completely dry to the touch, I used Vaseline to give them a pretty shine. Using a clean knife, I applied some to the back of my hand and then using a paper towel I picked up a little at a time, rubbing it in and completely buffing it out. This also gives the pumpkins a shield of protection from the elements if you are using them outside. If you are going to pick your own pumpkins and cut them from the vine, make sure the ones you cut have stems that are dry, leave several inches of stem attached, and go before there is a freeze.

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