Simple Decorating Touches-A DIY

Over the weekend we purchased this mirror for fifteen dollars, a fabulous price. I have been looking for a mirror to fit in my hallway, but still have not taken the time to measure. I was hoping it would fit, but really wasn’t worried about it either way. I love mirrors and couldn’t pass it up, and I was sure I could find somewhere to use it. I really don’t think it is possible to have to many mirrors. I don’t even use them to look into, but rather to add decoration, light, and interest to my rooms. I sat with my morning coffee on Monday staring at that mirror and just thinking………..hmmmmmm, how will I add this lovely addition to my home. I got the windex and paper towels, and I cleaned it up. The glass itself was in fabulous condition for an old mirror. I carried it up to the second floor to see if it would fit in that spot in the hall, and it didn’t. So back down I went with it in hand, and set it on a table and took a couple shots of it.

photo (98)

photo (88)

My mind was whirling. I decided the dining room would be the perfect place, and I new instantly that I wanted to hang a little boxwood wreath on it. It was the perfect mirror for just that. Now, this isn’t really much of a DIY, it is really so simple, but I still thought I would share the process. Using a spool of gold thread, which was a close color match to the frame of the mirror, I  pulled off several feet, and folded the thread in on itself, again and again until I got the desired length.

photo (94)

After hanging the mirror, I pulled the thread up under the picture wire and out through the little hole right in the center on the mirror, and tied the wreath in.

photo (93)

photo (96)

photo (97)

A simple fifteen dollar mirror and one little boxwood wreath makes a huge impact on the dining room.

Not every mirror is going to have that perfect little opening, and that’s okay. There are any number of other ways to hand or wreath or even another decoration in front of your mirror. Here in my second floor bathroom I hung an old ceramic cameo that came with the house in front of a mirror. I used picture wire then hid the wire with ribbon.

photo (39)

Depending on the mirror and the weight of the item you want to hang in front, you may be able to use a suction cup/hook, or even a tiny nail if the mirror is made of wood. There are endless ideas for using your mirrors, and layering something on top adds dimension and interest. I hope this was helpful.

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Tammy Damore

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