Tiny White Pumpkins and Ball Jars-SIMPLICITY

I love pretty little things. I adore blue glass of all sorts, old and new, and in particular I adore the blue, antique ball jars. My husband is always bringing some home. I mean who doesn’t love them, right? They are too cute for words, as are those sweet, tiny, little, white, pumpkins that show up at this time of year. Well, in an effort to use my many ball jars, I decided to combine the two and line the staircase with them for a lovely fall display. 14 jars was what I needed and 14 pumpkins would do the trick. Along with a few bits of ribbon.

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Another idea for the same jars is to line them up on a path to your front door, maybe if you are having company over. How sweet would this be, to do for Thanksgiving dinner. Here I used some tea lights, but you could also use a votive, flameless candles, or fill 1/3 of the bottom with sand and stick in a taper candle. Really what ever you have would work, you could even mix it up.

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